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Very few companies and organisations operate without using motor vehicles in one way or another and yet very few have a watertight Driving for Work Policy in place.

There are many reasons for this but we have found the most common ones to be:

Not including work-related driving within the overall health and safety strategy.

Health and Safety Advisors and /or managers not having sufficient expertise to deal with managing occupational road risk.

Not having sufficient policies in place to deal specifically with driver and vehicle risk. This can range from incorrect documentation and driver licensing checks through to unrealistic scheduling and inappropriate vehicle use.

Driver assessment and training strategies being conducted by staff or advisors who have no formal driver training qualifications. E.g. are your advisors / assessors on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Fleet Instructor Register?



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It doesn't matter if your staff drive cars, vans or larger goods vehicles (7.5t) we are here to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our services cover the whole remit of managing Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR) including:

  1. Provision of ‘Driving for Work’ Policy
  2. Driver Risk Profiling
  3. Driver Awareness courses



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